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Armine Harutyunyan: a new Gucci model. The complete truth about this model with a non-standard appearance

armine armenian model

Where was Armine born?

How did Gucci representatives get in touch with Armine Harutyunyan?

Criticism of the non-standard appearance of the Armenian model

Armine’s personal life

Instagram of Armine Harutyunyan

Gucci never ceases to amaze its fans with its selection of new models to represent their brand. In September 2020, it was announced that an Armenian girl, Amine Harutyunyan, would become a new face for this worldfamous brand. It was thanks to her unusual appearance that Gucci became interested in her, and the company offered her a contract. And of course, such a decision raised tons of positive and negative comments.

Armine Harutyunyan immediately received the nickname, “ugly Gucci model” and raised a massive discussion about her appearance. Yes, her appearance is unusual for a model, however, people on social networks did not consider this a bonus, but, on the contrary, began to insult the girl and it became really unpleasant.

armenian Gucci model

Where was Armine born?

Armine Aturyunyan was born in the capital of Armenia. The model’s family had been engaged in art for as long as she could remember. Her grandfather, Khachatur Azizyan, a painter and Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, made a special contribution to the artistic world. His works are known all over the world, and his paintings have been shown in exhibitions in Russia, Brazil, Mongolia, China, Korea, Ethiopia, Japan, USA, Finland, France and other countries.

Armine followed his in his footsteps. She graduated from the Yerevan State Art and Theater Institute. In her interviews she said that she liked to paint on canvas and draw on paper, however, in the modern world, computer design, graphics and illustration are considered more popular art, so she had moved in this direction.

gucci model weird

How did Gucci representatives get in touch with Armine Harutyunyan?

In fact, Gucci was not the only company that noticed the girl’s modeling talent. Before her world fame, she collaborated with some small Armenian fashion houses, but did not take part in their shows. Her encounter with a Gucci representative was unexpected, and, as she noted, a happy occasion.

Armine went to a concert of her favorite band in Berlin. She decided to take a walk, and an agent approached her, offering her the opportunity to take part in a photo shoot. The agent, with the consent of Armine, took a photo of her. It took only 30 days for Armine to become aware that she had been approved for Gucci casting. It is difficult to imagine what the girl felt at that moment, because she could not even dream of such a thing. Indeed, becoming a Gucci model, and working with a world-famous company, was something from a fairy tale, not from real life.

The model herself spoke about it in this way: “I had mixed feelings: both excitement and delight. I couldn’t even imagine that I would become a part of this brand that I love madly.”

She took part in a show on September 22, during which all the models were on the catwalk in clothes very similar to straitjackets. In fact, there were many critics here too. Gucci pacified the critics a little, and justified the focus of its collection as an attempt to ridicule a society that drove people into certain frames.

Armine Harutyunyan shared the photos on her Instagram and thanked the fashion brand for choosing her as a model.

non standard model

Criticism of the non-standard appearance of the Armenian model

In the comments about the show, the appearance of this non-standard model was admired by many people. Positive comments were made in different languages, and they were all generally about one thing: a non-standard, but beautiful appearance, a very attractive girl, not like everyone else, real and open. After her wild success at the show, many publications began to speak about the girl. Pictures of the model began to appear on many sites and social networks. And then it started.

“Sofa critics” began to express their disapproval literally everywhere, and, of course, it was unpleasant for the girl but she didn’t give up and has shared lots of great photos on her Instagram page.

Armine's personal life

Unfortunately, nothing is known about his personal life. The only information is that the model is not married. But whether she has a boyfriend remains a mystery.

model for gucci

Instagram of Armine Harutyunyan

To date, the model has about 200,000 followers on Instagram. Judging by her page, we can conclude that the girl does not like long and boring posts. She uploads her photos from photo shoots, shows or just from her life and the comments are limited to laconic phrases, for example “once upon a time”. This girl is very unusual, she loves to travel, uploads various photos, from different angles, some of which are not the most beneficial for her appearance, and she is not afraid to receive a new surge of criticism for this.

More models with extraordinary appearance

Armine Harutyunyan is not the only model with an unusual appearance that causes a flurry of discussions and negative comments. So, if your appearance is far from the standard, but you still have your own “zest”, charisma and a strong desire to become a top model – everything is in your hands! Open your talent to the world with!

Models with non-standard appearance (some spiteful critics even claim that these are “ugly models”):

  1. Winnie Harlow. Became famous for skin pigmentation.
Winnie Harlow skin pigmentation.
  1. Lindsey Wixson-Young. The highlight in the plump lips is in the form of a heart and a cleft between the teeth.
Lindsey Wixson-Young

3. Ashley Graham is one of the most popular curvy models. Read our article  How to become a plus-size (curvy) model? 

Ashley Graham curvy models sexy

4. Kelly Mittendorf – The appearance of this model is generally considered alien

Kelly Mittendorf alien
  1. Daphne Groeneveld – has non-standard facial features.

7. Diandra Forrest is a famous albino African American

Diandra Forrest model
  1. Laura O’Grady is an Irish model known for her protruding ears and looks like an elf.
Laura o grady model

And this list does not include all models with a non-standard appearance, so if you do not meet the beauty standards (which, by the way, are constantly changing, just look at Renaissance paintings and “super curvy” ladies there), do not lose heart – try yourself and register your model portfolio on our portal. Success depends not on your appearance, but on an inner spark!

As for me, such people deserve respect and admiration! Share your ideas about Armine and non-standard models in comments!

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