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Beautiful model

How to start a modelling career?

Modelling business: how to start a career

What is meant by the word “model”?

What are the requirements for models?

Which are the specific requirements of this profession?

How to start a model career?

Many girls and boys dream of having a modeling career. From the outside, this profession looks like a modern day fairy tale, telling of the wonderful transformation of Cinderella into a princess, and a simple guy becoming a prince. The luxury life inherent in fashion shows is mesmerizing, and the stories of the career successes of famous models evokes admiring sighs. They shine on the pages of glossy magazines and always look flawless.

However, this life is far from a fairy tale. Yes, the work of the model is well paid and there is a good chance of becoming famous, but in order to achieve success on your chosen path, you will have to constantly improve and develop yourself. Here, we will tell you what you need to know to become a popular model.

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What is meant by the word "model"?

There are several professions that are known as “modeling” and they all differ in what is required from candidates. When choosing a specific path, consider your own talents, skills and appearance.

Fashion models conquer the catwalks of the largest cities in the world. They exquisitely demonstrate those fashion novelties from leading designers, and are the “faces” of popular brands. The highest standards apply here, with major requirements when it comes to appearance, height, physique, ability to move gracefully etc.

Models working on photography and video shoots must have an expressive and photogenic appearance, and also, be able to work with the photographer to convey a mood or a message with just one movement or posture.

Promo models represent products or services at exhibitions and events. Here, the appearance requirements are more liberal, but communication skills, and the ability to answer uncomfortable questions with a friendly smile are welcome.

Fitness models are closely associated with sports and a healthy lifestyle. Accordingly, their ideal, fit figures should induce the desire to go jogging, swimming or do other sports.

If the appearance of a girl or a guy is not as perfect as she/he would like, they should not get upset. Today, there is a growing demand for unusual faces. Quite often, that original “zest” inherent in the model attracts and captivates the audience.

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What are the requirements for models?

Just having a pretty face and a tall body are not enough for a great career in modeling. It is necessary to have be very charismatic and have memorable features. In the past spectacular young people could be invited by scouts directly from the “street”, but today the competition for places is very high, however if you want to get to the top, you have to try.

There is practically no age limit. Companies and organizations willingly cooperate with parents of adorable babies, advertising products for children, family vacations, and entertainment. And even at the age of 40 to 50, well-known models continue to represent world brands to a wider audience.

In most cases, boys and girls begin their careers at 13 to 15 years old. Until they reach the age of majority, their interests are represented by their parents or guardians.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a plus, especially for those models who will be working abroad. After all, they will have to properly communicate with team members during shows or shootings and maybe with politicians, businessmen and other stars during events.

You must be able to develop. Agencies often provide mentors, but you will have to work a lot on your own to achieve the ideal state. A special “model” gait, the ability to speak with body language and facial expressions – all this only comes with experience.

Appearance, behavior and speech must be impeccable. A model is always in the spotlight, even if she or he is currently on vacation. Therefore, you will have to take care of yourself, do sports and eat healthily, and behave with dignity.

The work of the model does not allow having regular schedule with lunches, weekends and vacations or sick leave. There are constant trips, unexpected contracts, evening events, flights to another country or even to the other side of the world. Therefore, you need to be easy-going, with high adaptability, and stress resistance.

For each show or shoot, the model is prepared for several hours. They have to do their hair and put on makeup. If not looked after, your hair and skin deteriorate and become lifeless. It is necessary to carefully take care of your body, skin, and hair. Thus, you will have to spend money on fitness, cosmetologists, hairdressers, and masseurs.


How to start a model career?

You can get into a modeling agency through friends or acquaintances who can give you a recommendation. Or use the Internet and send your portfolios to various organizations who have impeccable reputations and positive reviews. The portfolio sent should include natural photos without make-up or any photo processing. Having sent the documents, you can expect an invitation to a casting. If you pass this, a representative of the agency will offer you an agreement to sign.

Another easy way to share your talent with the world is to register your portfolio on the online platform and database of models and other talents. Your subsequent success and career growth only depends on you!

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