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How to become a plus-size (curvy) model?

Beautiful curvy woman

Today, you will not surprise anyone with models with unusual skin colour, body type or non-standard proportions. Many types of female figures are in fashion, and there is no definite rule regarding the parameters.

However, the fashion world has not always been so kind to “non-standard” figures, the sizes of which did not correspond to the classic ideal parameters. Many curvy beauties have faced bullying in the past. But everything changed, the body positive trend became fashionable and plus-size models began to appear in the fashion world, so that ladies with “impressive” shapes began to be invited by global brands.

Plus-size models: the history of appearance

For the first time in history, designer and owner of clothing stores chain Lane Bryant in the United States, Lena Himmelstein decided to pay attention to curvy ladies. In the 1920s, she launched a small collection for overweight women. At first, clothes were not created openly, many people did not even know about them and she produced such clothes in small quantities.

Only 30 years later, models began to be photographed and published in well-known magazines. Over time, other designers realized that plus-size models were a great alternative to the classics, and they began to follow the example of the founder of Lane Bryant. They realized that many people do not like very tall and thin models. Therefore, designers from all over the world began to pay attention to overweight women, who are much better accepted nowadays.

Models with non-classical shapes began to sign contracts with agencies, representatives of magazines and famous designers, and after another 20 years, they were invited to cooperate by world-famous fashion houses.

Big Beauties Little Women is the first agency in the world to invite models in a new category. Its founder, Mary Duffy, was a feminist dress expert, press secretary, writer, public speaker and businesswoman. For many years, she has been developing a strategy for creating a beauty concept for curvy ladies. In her youth, she herself was a plus-size model, which is why she decided to open an agency.

curvy model

"Plus-size" term origin

Representatives of the fashion and design worlds came up with the idea of ​​calling curvy models “plus-size”. In fact, plus-size means “one size larger” and none of the models should be offended by such a name.

Curvy models can be also categorized by body type. The most popular types are “triangle”, “pear” and “apple”. Modelling agencies often enter into contracts with curvy girls who have a clear difference between the waist and hips.

Ashley Graham is considered the most popular model in this category today. Her modelling career began at the age of 19, and she is already the brand face of many magazines. But you can also see curvy women not only on the covers of fashion magazines, but also on commercial websites, advertisements, etc.

Models must have ideal body proportions. For example, it is generally accepted that the waist should be 10 inches smaller than the hips. However, this is relative. The world of haute couture does not stand still, it is constantly evolving. Lush, beautiful curves of the female body today can be seen on all the catwalks of the world.

The most popular plus-size models are Robin Lawley, Emme, Inga Eiriksdottir, Tara Lynn, Ashley Graham who exploded the modelling industry, and Candice Huffin.

Modelling agencies from the USA to France not only decided to work with models of non-standard proportions, but also nurtured real fashion superstars. Some agencies are specifically focused on curvy models, otherwise there are “normal ones” with a special division. You can check the websites of such agencies: ModelScouts, Ford models, Dorothy Combs Models, IPM Models in the USA, Agence Plus (France), Model Team (Germany), 12 Plus (UK) and find much more on the Internet.

You can also contact a curvy model finder and can send your photos to one of the model scouts. They work with the most influential agencies and have the deep connections and special skills to work with aspiring models in the category. Or you can use a web platform for registering talents, including models of all types like ours,, where your model profile and portfolio will be visible to millions of people around the world.

Also, do not forget about social networks, namely Instagram. Cross-Coytton Natalie, the executive director of the popular Women Management, who also pioneered the Curve W360 plus size women, claims she was able to recruit around 30 perfect plus-size girls on social media.

Global brands try to listen to the opinion of society, and if these girls have their own audience who like such parameters, then why not use them in the fashion world?

New top models in the plus-size category of the last year:

  1. Paloma Elsesser. A rising star in the plus-size category. She announced herself a couple of years ago, when she posed nude for the beauty brand Glossier, presenting body care products. She also posed for Vogue magazine.
Paloma Elsesser model
  1. Odile Gautreau, France. She became famous in 2018. The model is represented by the London-based agency, IMM.
Odile Gautreau curvy model
  1. Alexis Ruby. IMG found this star on Instagram. The girl has red curls, as well as a large number of tattoos, which give her brightness and originality. She is very popular in the world, which is why she is called “The New Muse of Marc Jacobs”.
Alexis Ruby model Marc Jacobs

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